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Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Co2 Flooding, Sprinkler System, Fire Hydrant System, Hose Box, Smoke Detector, Fire alarm Panel, Flexible pipe etc

INTRODUCTION We are pleased to introduced you to M/s Modi International leading organization of Fire-Fighting and Fire Alarm System supplier & contractor, based in Delhi. The organization was founded with the principal of quality workmanship, adhere to installation on schedules Promoted by Mr. Bhavin Modi, the firm is geared up to undertake complete projects from concepts design to the erection, commissioning and testing of Fire Fighting for residence to large scale of Group Housing Projects, Commercial, Warehouses, Hotels, Restaurants, Institutional and Industrial Projects . The firm also engages in the regular maintenance of its system installed. With all these principles in mind, Efficient Services We have been practically customized services to our various clients and give all the solution irrespective of their size or quantum of involvement and they are accorded immediate attention and equal importance. We also undertake regular Annual Maintenance Contracts of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting System and Fire Alarm System. Cost Effective Our organization provides the most cost Effective/innovative ideas and solutions, without Compromising quality, and focus on efficiently minimizing cost. We put our best effort to make the project cost effective by ingenious designing and efficient execution.

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TURN KEY PROJECTS:- 1) Fire Hydrant System 2) Wet Riser System 3) Co2 Flooding System etc PRODUCTS 1) Fire Extinguisher 2) Smoke Detector 3) Fire Extinguishing Cube 4) Fire Alarm Panel 5) Hydrant Valve 6) Hose Box 7) RRL Hose Pipe 8) Sprinklers 9) Two Way 10) Four Way 11) Fire Siren etc.

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